In order to become a member of HMS, concerning registration of individual or company, please adress the administration department. 

Why should I become a member of HMS?

Hellenic Maintenance Society was the result of "maintainance" people's desire to coordinate their efforts in upgrading the role of maintenance to a more effective management and application. Leading executives of enterprises as well as researchers through their annual meetings hosted by Maintenance Forums founded HMS in 2007.

  • a) 40€ for regular members.
  • b) 20€ for students.
  • c) for companies it depends on the number of employees.

Number of persons

Annual company subscription

0-10 135
11-100 200
101-250 330
251-1000 530
1000-2500 870
2500- 1330


  • Briefed on all matters related to HMS.
  • Attendance in the HMS meetings, voting rights and expression of opinion in any subject related to the HMS.
  • Right to vote and be elected (applicable to certain member categories).


  • To comply with the provisions of the Statute.
  • To comply with the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.
  • To participate actively in the HMS activities.
  • To meet its financial obligations towards HMS.