The EUROMAINTENANCE 2016 was successfully completed in Athens

Trends that will dominate in the coming decades and big changes that will take place in the field of industrial maintenance from the decline of traditional operating models, the increasing use of sensors, cloud computing and the future advent of robots, depicted at the 24th European Conference of Industrial Maintenance, Euromaintenance 2016 Conference ( held for the first time in our country (30/5 – 1/6) by the Hellenic Maintenance Society (HMS) and the auspices of EFNMS.

The conclusions of the Conference caused global interest and the 300 delegates from 32 countries took part, concluded that “the rapid development in the field of sensors, the strong growth of the world’s computing power and cloud computing change the data and allow solving, difficult until now, maintenance problems”.

As it was mentioned in the 24th Euromaintenance “The Internet of Things and the big data are rapidly growing areas and are now in the strategic planning of large industrialized countries such as Japan, China, Germany, Australia and USA”. The Conference presented successful large-scale applications, both in the diagnosis-prognosis and in the security fields, demonstrating in the most convincing way the trends that will prevail.


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